Recreation of authentic historical heritage.
Creation of easy-to-understand models with considerable appeal for presentation,
main attraction for memorial museums and events,
models to be displayed indoors, and stages for shooting with special effects.
We create dioramas with which you can feel the skills of masters,
with technical skills and manufacturing spirit of Japanese artisans.
Production example
A request to recreate an old food factory
We created the second factory of a major bread-maker.

The buildings around the factory are replicated
truthfully based on references at the time.

All the buildings are electrically wired
so that they can be lit.

The design, the number, and the route
of the factory’s delivery trucks
have been replicated realistically
to breathe new life into the diorama.
Production example
Kokudo Station(in Yokohama City)
Kokudo Station in Yokohama City replicated in 1/150th of the original size.
A complete replica of the townscape and underpass along the railway.

The commercial facilities below the train tracks can be lit
up to show the difference between night and day in the town.
The windows and the eaves over the door were also based on the references at the time.
The period is reflected realistically by placing importance on the houses and building materials.
The houses have a different shape for the roof tiles,
bringing out the characteristics of each house.

The outfits of passengers waiting for the train on the platforms
are reproduced based on the trends at the time.
It replicates to the small details including the aged treatment
of old tires and drum containers placed in the ally.
The boats by the port have been realistically reproduced with rust and scratches to show age.
Each pebble on the tracks has been placed by hand.
Creation of other various dioramas
Recreation of historical heritage, displays for events and memorial occasions, presentation materials.
Artisans with master skills create dioramas with meticulous passion.
Please make inquiries for diorama creation
with the inquiry form.