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Let's make a 3D photo with acrylic

Original acrylic diorama production service
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We want people to experience dioramas more closely.

In order to make dioramas more familiar to you, as a manufacturer that handles acrylic, we produce ``acrylic dioramas'' that can express customers' memorable photos in a more three-dimensional manner. We keep costs down and respond to small lots and short delivery times. We would like to introduce you to the charm of acrylic dioramas and the kinds of things you can make with them.


What is acrylic diorama?

  • POINT01

    You can turn your photos into interior.

    By turning important data such as photos into an acrylic diorama, you can create an interior that will last a lifetime. Why not preserve your past anniversaries and memories as an acrylic diorama?

  • POINT02

    You can be used for a wide range of purposes.

    Acrylic dioramas can be used in a variety of locations and applications. For example, it can be used not only as a gift between individuals, but also as a novelty, display item, or promotional item by companies and organizations.

  • POINT03

    You can mass produce them.

    Since the cost is lower than that of general dioramas, mass production is also possible. We can produce original acrylic dioramas from just one piece to suit your needs.

  • POINT04

    You can make many customizations to your acrylic diorama.

    We can also produce acrylic parts in various sizes and shapes according to customer requests. Depending on your ideas, you can create your own highly original acrylic diorama.


Production example

We produce for both individuals and corporations. Basically, we make full orders based on the customer's requests, but we also do semi-orders for some products, where you can choose from several types of parts, etc.

For individual customer

  • Family anniversaries


    We will turn photos taken on your family's anniversary into an acrylic diorama.
    How about capturing important memories such as your child's Shichi-Go-San festival or entrance ceremony in 3D photos?
    ※It is also possible to receive semi-custom orders where you can choose from several types of each part (decoration such as torii gates, trees, flowers, etc.). Please contact us for details.

  • Animals


    We will create an acrylic diorama of your pet relaxing.
    Multiple parts can be replaced. Therefore, you can enjoy multiple patterns.
    We also manufacture additional parts and replacement parts.
    We accept inquiries not only from pet owners but also from corporations such as zoos and cat cafes.

For corporate customer

  • For car dealers


    We created an acrylic diorama of the exterior of the store and the vehicles we carry so that car dealers can display it in their stores.
    We also produce dioramas to commemorate car delivery that can be given to customers from our stores to commemorate the conclusion of a contract.
    ※The sample products in the images use image materials.

  • Group photo


    Would you like to preserve group photos of important anniversaries and milestones such as establishment commemorations as acrylic dioramas?
    We can also handle group photos for store openings, commemorative photos for school events, etc.

Application and Submission

How to apply

First of all, please contact us here. Our staff will assist you.
After that, we will proceed with the discussion according to this schedule.


  • Regarding the color of the finished product

    There may be slight color differences between the photo received from the customer and the one printed during actual production.We will consult with you regarding items we know in advance, but please note that the finished color may differ.


    Photo data (RGBA color)


    When printing data (CMYK colors),the colors are a little dull.

  • About photo processing and correction

    During production, we may edit some of the photos and illustrations we receive from our customers.For example, we will retouch the photo you gave us or add any missing parts necessary for production.Please note that we will consult with the customer each time the product is manufactured.


    (Example) If you want to make the person in the foreground and the torii gate in the back separate parts using acrylic, the lower part of the torii in the back will be hidden and cannot be used as a material. (※The image is an image)


    (Example) In that case, we will supplement the bottom part or substitute a photo of another torii. (*Image is for illustrative purposes only)

  • Regarding photos etc. that you need to provide.

    1. Please provide high-quality photos and illustrations.

    2. If text is included, you may be asked to provide text data.

    3. If you have a completed image, we may request a reference image (image sketch, etc.) in advance.


We will proceed with the production as follows. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • 01.Inquiries from you

  • 02.We would like to ask you for details.

  • 03.We will submit an estimate and dua date.

  • 04.You will be required to pay the fee and submit the data.

  • 05.You will be required to check the progress data we have created.

  • 06. We will begin manufacturing the product.

  • 07. After completion, we will deliver the product to you.



How do I order?

Please proceed to the form from "Contact us here" on this page, fill in the necessary information, and send your inquiry. Our staff will contact you to discuss the details.

Can you manufacture it immediately after placing an order?

As a general rule, products are manufactured in the order in which they are ordered. We will notify you of the due date after we have confirmed your payment and payment. Please note that depending on the time of year and the content of your order, it may take some time.

Can you create derivative works?

We do not accept designs that may infringe on the rights of other companies, such as copyrights or portrait rights.

Please tell me the approximate cost.

Because the products are made to order, the cost will vary depending on the number, size, and materials of the products.
Please contact us for details.

Will I receive a refund if I cancel?

If it is not yet manufactured: We will refund your money. However, production usually begins immediately after payment is confirmed, so if you wish to cancel, please contact us as soon as possible.sdue to our company's circumstances, a full refund will be given, and if the cancellation is due to the customer's circumstances, a refund will be given after deducting the handling fee. After production has started: As a general rule, we cannot accept cancellations.

Please feel free to contact us.
Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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