Create the value of dioramas using AR technology.
AR means "Augmented Reality". It is a technology that virtually augments reality.
It can add virtual visual information to real world information. It enables the augmentation of the real environment.
For example, if a CG image is superimposed on an image captured by a smartphone camera, the CG image will appear to be real.
By using this technology for dioramas, it is possible to visualize effects that are difficult to reproduce in the real world on the diorama that has been created, making it even more appealing.
We have received many positive responses to our customizations to existing dioramas.
Examples of AR use with dioramas
This diorama was produced at the request of a major telecommunications company.
The theme is information and communication technology innovation.

The video is as follows.
First, climate information such as the day's temperature and humidity is sent from the greenhouse to the visualized cloud at the top.
Next, the cloud transmits the optimum watering time and amount to the greenhouses based on past aggregated data.
In other words, the most appropriate work for that day is automatically performed.
This is an image video that reproduces a transportation scene in the near future when AR technology is used in an existing diorama.
It is possible to run trains in a diorama using N-gauge and other types of equipment.
However, it is difficult to reproduce the scenery of people walking in the city or a drone flying overhead in the real world.
Therefore, AR technology can be used to reproduce more realistic near-future scenery.
※AR images can be viewed by using a tablet or other device to check the screen through the tablet.
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