We accept orders for a wide variety of souvenirs, including historical reproductions, guided tour models of museums,
and presentation materials for custom-built buildings.
Dioramas come in a variety of uses, sizes, and particular areas.
For this reason, we have provided some examples of prices to give you a guide for your consideration.
If you tell us your intended use, expected size, reference photos, and important points when you contact us,
we will be able to make a proposal that takes cost into consideration during our meeting.
The prices shown are samples based on simple assumptions.
Costs will vary depending on the number and particulars of trees, people, cars, trains, and buildings; reproductions of rivers, oceans, tunnels, etc.; gimmicks that bring about electric lighting and movement; and additional elements such as display stands and showcases.
Price List
The table below shows prices in two scales and five sizes for comparison.
Prices will vary depending on the specifications, but please use the table as a guide to cost.
Cost reduction can be expected by using model railroad structures.
This scale is suitable for landscape dioramas.
For those who want to reproduce particular points in detail.
Larger size for use with commercial structures.
This is the scale of model trains (N gauge) with a rail gauge of 9mm.
A 20-meter rail car is commercially available in a 14-cm model, and a variety of accessories and structures are available for this scale.
This scale is suitable for those who want to reproduce the smallest of details and have a particular focus on buildings.
Commercial structures in "HO (1/87, the mainstream overseas model railroad standard)" can be used for the parts that are not so important.
Use of commercial structures
$6,670USD~ 1800x900mm
One-off structure 5 or 6 houses
Use of commercial structures
$3,970USD~ 1200x600mm
One-off structure 4 or 5 houses
Use of commercial structures
$2,980USD~ 1000x500mm
One-off structure 3 or 4 houses
Use of commercial structures
$2,320USD~ 800x400mm
One-off structure 2 or 3 houses
Use of commercial structures
$1,520USD~ 600x300mm
One-off structure 1 or 2 houses
※one-off … Buildings and parts are designed and produced exclusively for their intended use.
※structure … It represents the models, mainly buildings, that make up the diorama.
※Currently, costs are calculated at the above rates. Costs may vary for various reasons.
Reference Price List
The following is a sample of diorama production costs for various patterns to give you an idea of what you can expect when ordering. This is for reference only.
If you are more cost oriented, detail oriented, etc., we will adjust accordingly.
Large diorama showing the entire town in a distant view.
Reproduce a large area on a smaller scale.
Diorama production to reproduce a large area such as a municipality.
Rivers, roads, bridges, etc. should be represented as much as possible, and buildings, etc. should be represented only to convey the atmosphere, except for those that are conspicuous.
size:1800x900mm scale:1/1000
Main operations:Drawing production, Wooden pedestal dy-nock sheet pasting, One-off structure production
reference price:$21,820USD~
Production for the purpose of running a model railroad.
Focus on cost by using commercially available products.
Production of a large diorama intended to be circumnavigated by model trains (N gauge).
The structure consists of tracks circling in the diorama (no stations). The images are for reference only and do not need to be reproduced, and it is assumed that commercially available structures will be used.
size:1800x900mm scale:1/150
Main operations:Layout drawing production, Wooden pedestal dy-nock sheet affixing, Commercial structure production
reference price:$2,320USD~
Recreate the street scenes of the past from a single photograph.
A diorama will be used to recreate the landscape that you want to bring back to life.
Recreate the scenery of the past in shopping streets and tourist attractions. The parts of the image are reproduced, and other parts are supplemented with a more appropriate form. In addition, darker lights are used to express night scenes.
size:1100x500mm scale:1/80
Main operations:Drawing production, Wooden pedestal dy-nock sheet pasting, One-off structure production
reference price:$14,550USD~
The houses will be made into dioramas to be used as souvenirs.
Make a beautiful memorial in the form of a cherished place.
The purpose is to create a diorama of the house as a souvenir. We envision a case where there is documentation of an image in which the exterior can be seen from all sides.
size:300x300mm scale:1/50
Main operations:Drawing production, Wooden pedestal dy-nock sheet pasting, One-off structure production
reference price:$1,790USD~
Produce architectural models for presentations and sales tools.
This is both impactful and understandable.
Produce architectural models from drawings and image illustrations for use in presentations and sales. The floor plan is reproduced as necessary. Coloring and decoration are assumed to be minimal.
size:300x300mm scale:1/50
Main operations:Provide drawings. Paper or acrylic products.
reference price:$730USD~
A diorama designed to display plastic models and figures.
A diorama reproducing a scene from an animation.
Diorama production to display figures and plastic models as if recreating famous anime scenes. As an example, we created a diorama of a wilderness-like scene to reproduce a powerful battle scene.
size:300x300mm scale:1/144
Main operations:Wooden base dynock sheet affixed. Styrofoam base plaster hardening.
reference price:$600USD~
Please make inquiries for diorama creation
with the inquiry form.